Waste tire pyrolysis processing

Waste tire pyrolysis processing not only won’t generate emission of pollutants, but also can get carbon black, fuel oil and other final products that can be reused. Therefore, pyrolysis processing of waste tire will not only help to protect the environment, but also can bring certain economic benefits. That is why several places have started to build pyrolysis modern technology.

Initially, most study and growth jobs are confined to the technological technique of simple research and laboratory generation. Practically none of the investigation was used on large scale industrial manufacturing at that time. By the year 1997, there was not one set of waste tires pyrolysis equipment operating successfully in America. pyrolysis oil distillation machine.

waste plastic to oil pyrolysis equipment

The waste plastic pyrolysis plant is widely accepted by the majority of customers, because of the environment friendly performance of the waste plastic to oil pyrolysis equipment. Also can save a lot of energy, though firstly, the waste air is sealed in the water and can be fully burned, which not only can eliminate the waste gas pollution. Second, in the process of production, the waste residue can not be avoided, but the waste solid can be returned to the stove again and used as fuel. What’s a lot more, there is no waste release problem in the full creation process.

During this process of operating the waste plastic to gas pyrolysis plant, firstly, put the waste plastic directly into the high heat and high stress pyrolysis machine. In order to produce oil mixture in the absence of oxygen, which is also called thermal and catalytic degradation processes, then the waste plastic pyrolysis plant adopts the indirect heating method. The process is environmental friendly, energy-preserving and secure. According to the different boiling point of the different composition in the oil mixture and produce oil steam, the next step is in the waste oil distillation plant, which can separate the oil mixture. Throughout the condenser, the essential oil water vapor can condense to the gas oil. pyrolysis plant for waste tire and plastic.