The majority of plastics are themselves now recyclable

A growing awareness of the potential for renewable energy sources and materials in Europe and the US which has been highlighted recently by the BP oil spill which has made alternatives to oil and more carbon intensive energy sources much more attractive certainly in the eyes of a more environmentally aware group of consumers. Recycled plastics will help win over the ethically minded consumer recycled plastic does not require constant weather treatment so will reduce the strain on the environment further with no need for chemical weather treatment. tire pyrolysis plant for sale.

The majority of plastics are themselves now recyclable and constant technology innovation and consumer awareness will continue to push the loop closer to closure with supermarkets continuing to push for the removal of plastic carrier bags and some major high street names in the UK like Tesco offering drop off points for exhausted plastic that has been reused again and again. Similar innovations exist in the agricultural sector where farm waste plastic is used to produce agricultural plastic products and many other industries are starting to follow suit. View this link


Tips Of Plastic Recycling

Almost all county’s have some form of plastic recycling. Check your local yellow pages to find a recycling center, then call and find out which types of plastics they recycle and where to drop them off. For statewide recycling information, call 1-800-CLEAN-UP.

Plastic Recycling Tips:

1. Rinse and sort your plastics by number as mixing numbers may cause contamination during the recycling process.

2. Types 1 and 2, which consist of soda and water bottles, milk jugs, some plastic bags, detergent containers, cooking oil bottles, can be recycled curbside–if your city offers this service. plastic pyrolysis plant for sale.

3. Take plastic grocery bags back to the store to be recycled.

4. Take lids and spray-pumps off of bottles, they are generally made with a different type of plastic, unless otherwise marked, that is not recyclable.

5. Find out if your city requires you to remove labels from plastic containers prior to recycling.

6. Types 3, 5, and 7 are generally not recyclable at this time due to the recycling industry still being in its early stages of development.See this weblink

7. Type 6 is foam packaging called Expanded Polystyrene. Call The Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers at (410) 451-8340 to find out if this material can be recycled in your community. Other type 6 items, such as, plastic silverware, may need to be thrown out.

Five ideas for recycling your tires

There are thousands of ways an old tire could be reused, but the following five ideas for recycling your tires should get you started off on the right path.

1. Planters

This is one of the most common uses for recycled tires. If you have a small vegetable plot or want to add some new flowerbeds to your landscaping, an old tire could be just what you need. Because the tire absorbs a lot of heat during the day, it makes an ideal environment for seedlings to grow. During the winter months, the tires can easily be covered to protect young plants from the cold. waste tyre pyrolysis plant suppliers.

2. Footwear

In the 60s, recycled tire sandals were hugely popular, and in many African countries, old tires are often used to create sandals or replace worn out shoe soles. A simple online search will help you find patterns to make your own pair of unique recycled tire sandals. It can be a fun activity to do in your spare time, and who knows? You might even start another trend.

3. Playground Equipment

Tires make the perfect base for many different items of playground equipment. You could save a lot of money on your yard’s play area by recycling your tires and your kids will love their new outdoor area. If you have normal sized car tires you can make a classic tire swing, or use the tires as the padding under a seesaw. Larger truck or tractor tires can be made into sandboxes or playhouses.

4. Secure Your Trash Cans

During heavy storms, your outdoor trash cans may blow over if they aren’t securely wedged in place. Save yourself the trouble of cleaning up the mess by simply using a heavy tire to keep your outdoor trash cans in place. This will also keep them out of the reach of pesky mice, rats and raccoons.

5. Furniture

You will have to be a bit creative to make this idea work, but there are some great items of furniture that can be made from recycled tires. Some people use them to make yard furniture, like stools and tables, as they are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Some people have even made intricate household decorations from old car tires, including lamp shades, sculptures and side tables. Have a quick look online for furniture made from old tires; you will be amazed at how great it can look. Why not check this link